Mechanics Needed: The BIOS WaterCar

Our goal is to build an international network of installers.  We will help develop the hydrogen technology, give the information to the world and by doing the right thing.  We hope to prove you can trust us to install the units in your vehicles.  You can’t patent a reputation for honesty, integrity and world class custome service but nobody can steal it from you.

You can help us make a difference in the world!

We need mechanics to participate in the adventure of a lifetime!

Please Join our Network of Installer/Dealers

The Adventure

Classic lines and supple curves have always been powerfully persuasive to the human psyche. So what if a classic Mustang convertible could get better gas mileage than a Prius, would you be interested?   The world is changing and we must evolve, fuel efficient used to mean boring “econobox”.  This new technology increases horsepower and mileage so feel free to get a little excited about saving energy!

We are building an international team of installer/dealers Would you like to work with us?

Join our Network of Installer/Dealers

We plan to test that theory this summer, stay tuned to and join us on the adventure of a lifetime as Schappert’s team pushes the limits on fuel efficiency in an effort to wean the world off oil. This grass roots, rag tag team will put it all on the line without much more than pocket change and clean underwear while they tour more than 46 cities in 30 days.  Meeting with mechanics, scientists and manufacturers to try and unlock the secret to allowing your car and home to use water for fuel.  The car will be worked on as we go, getting stronger and more efficient every day.  Can you give us an hour of your expertise?

The car, affectionately referred to as “Frankie” due to all the welds that remind us of Frankenstein is not the prettiest car on the road sporting a few coats of black primer, but at its heart is a Ford straight 6 with a never say die attitude.  The driver, Steve Schappert has alot in common with the car instead of welds Schappert was put back together with stitches, staples, braces, casts and even bolts in his skull. The same never say die attitude has brought him this far will continue to push him forward.  Are you interested in making  a difference while making  a living? Contact us today!ep w

via Mechanics Needed: The BIOS WaterCar.


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